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Dr Olga Lavalle

Dr Olga Lavalle

Principal Clinical Psychologist

Dr Olga Lavalle has been working in adult mental health since 1988, and leads a team of experienced psychologists.Olga conducts assessments, determines diagnoses, and provides treatment for adult mental health disorders. She also has a special interest in grief and loss.

Olga commenced her career in the public sector. She has worked in Community Mental Health, Inpatient Mental Health Units, and worked on research projects with the Illawarra Institute for Mental Health at the University of Wollongong.

Olga provides evidenced based treatment tailored to each individual client’s needs. She draws from various therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. Olga's work falls within current best practice principles, which is maintained through her commitment to ongoing professional development.

Olga provides Clinical Psychology services under Medicare, is an Employee Assistance Program provider, and an approved WorkCover NSW provider. Additionally,  Olga consults for workplaces and community sporting organisations.

Shanna White

Registered Psychologist

Shanna White is a registered Psychologist and Family Therapist with over 10 years’ experience in mental health care. She has worked with many different clients, ranging from children to adolescents, as well as adults. Shanna works with complex trauma, using Trauma Informed Therapeutic Care with highly evidenced models, in order to help clients recover. These models include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Family Systems Therapy.

Shanna also works with clients who have behavioural issues (both in the home and in school), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Adjustment Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Autism Spectrum
Disorder, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, Phobias, and social issues. She conducts a range of assessments, including cognitive, vocational and behavioural assessments.

Shanna conducts Behavioural Support Planning for both forensic and educational settings and Parenting Capacity Assessments for both children’s and family court.

In addition to these aspects of Shanna's profession, she is also a trainer and psycho-educational facilitator for health care professionals, providing both individual and group Clinical Supervision.

Janelle Gallagher

Registered Psychologist

Janelle Gallagher is a Registered Psychologist with over 12 years of experience in providing high quality psychological services. She has worked in a variety of sectors including education, health, sexual assault, domestic violence and workplace injury and rehabilitation. Experienced in working with individuals of all ages, she specifically enjoys working with older adolescents and young adults. Janelle has experience in treating a range of presentations including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Adjustment Disorder, Workplace Injuries, Social Skills Deficits, & Adult Learners.

Janelle has received training in a range of therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, mindfulness based cognitive therapy, trauma therapy, narrative and strength-based therapies. This skillset provides a range of strategies which will allow for individualisation of therapeutic interventions. Flexible in her approach to counselling, Janelle works with clients in a way that is engaging, relevant and empowering.

Janelle provides psychological services under Medicare, is a registered SIRA provider & WDO sponsor.

Jennifer Byrne

Registered Psychologist

Jennifer is a registered psychologist with over eight years’ experience working in a variety of settings. Jennifer has been involved in research on Pain in Older Australians and Depression in Women and has worked in educational settings and private practice. Jennifer has facilitated workshops on mindfulness, neuroplasticity, stress and anxiety.

Jennifer adapts different approaches to suit the client’s needs and circumstances. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and Trauma Information Care have become a strong part of her ‘therapeutic’ work.

She has a special interest in the areas of grief and loss, anxiety and stress, relaxation training, mindfulness practices, positive neuroplasticity and trauma.

Jennifer has a gentle and respectful approach towards helping clients address their issues and concerns and providing clients with strategies and skills to get their lives back on track.

Crystal (Yee Tak) Lee

Registered Psychologist

Crystal is a registered psychologist who incorporates various evidence-based treatments including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Compassion-Focused Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Schema Therapy, Relaxation, and Mindfulness to deal with a wide range of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, interpersonal issues, life transitions, anger, trauma, parent-child engagement, and sleep issues.

Crystal has conducted assessments and delivered therapeutic interventions in rural and urban areas; at schools and in communities; via face-to-face and telehealth settings. Crystal is also a behavioural therapist and a trained facilitator in Tuning In to Kids.

Crystal values acceptance, collaboration, empowerment, and practicality in her therapy sessions with clients. She works with clients of all ages and different language and cultural backgrounds. Crystal can deliver therapy in English and Cantonese. She is also a Christian and is open to seeing clients who prefer to seek treatment from a psychologist with a shared faith and worldview.

Chloe Lavalle

Administration/Office Manager

Chloe commenced at the practice in 2019 as a trainee in business administration. At the same time Chloe was also studying Business. After completing her traineeship Chloe’s role is in administration and managing the office.

Chloe’s warm empathic nature and bright personality ensures clients feel welcome as they come in, comfortable in our waiting room, and assists people with their enquiries and appointments.

There are many benefits in seeing a psychologist......
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It's nearly time for all the kids to go back to school 💼.

Do you have concerns about your child/teenager's mental health❓
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Here are Dr Olga Lavalle & Associates our child and adolescent psychologists are here to help.

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There's nothing to be ashamed of when you reach out for help!
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Never presume that everyone is well. Mental health issues can affect anyone,
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Lessons from therapy!
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Therapy tips for you!
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We aim to make you as comfortable and relaxed in our rooms with our friendly staff.

We do not judge and we accept everyone for who they are....
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Dr Olga Lavalle & Associates

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Dr Olga Lavalle & Associates

We are excited to welcome our new psychologist Crystal Lee. Crystal has experience working with children, adults and adoescents. She has recently moved to the area after working in mental health in Orange. ... See MoreSee Less

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