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Community services

Positive mental health benefits the entire community, and here at Dr Olga Lavalle & Associates we care about influencing positive community-wide change.

We can conduct tailored consultations and workshops for community and sporting organisations, and provide positive support on mental health issues for your community members.  

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Get in touch for an initial discussion about how we can help with positive mental health services for your organisation. 


Workplace services 

Whether you’re part of a business, not-for-profit group or government department, the mental health of your team directly impacts the success of your organisation.  

Vicarious Trauma Workshops

Repeated exposure to other people’s trauma can lead to vicarious trauma. With our vicarious trauma workshops, you will learn the signs and symptoms as well as develop strategies to develop resilience.

Trauma Informed Practice (TIPS) workshops

Many workforces need to be aware of trauma and its impact, and how to best engage with people who have been affected by trauma in the past. Our practical TIPS workshop will give your team an insight into understanding the impact of trauma, and knowing how to respond and interact with someone who may be accidentally triggered and become overwhelmed.


Every organisation is different, so we’ll tailor the program to suit the culture, size and focus of your business, and will help your team to feel better, work together more effectively and be more productive. 



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