Child and adolescent psychology services


Helping kids cope in a complicated world


During childhood and adolescence, the brain is rapidly developing. It’s a critical time when kids build their cognitive and social-emotional skills. As parents and carers, we all want our children to be positive and resilient. But growing up can be tough. If your child or teen is experiencing difficulty in their emotional, intellectual or social life, we can work together to put them on a brighter path.

Let’s lay the foundations for our children’s long-term mental health.

psychology services for children

A safe space to explore what’s going on for them.

Sessions in a non-threatening space with an approachable Psychologist can help your child feel safe to explore their challenges and set some goals. Together, using therapeutic techniques matched to your child’s needs, we can uncover the best possible way to foster sound emotional wellbeing and equip them with the skills to secure their long-term mental health.

Our child and adolescent Psychologists have helped clients manage a wide range of issues including:








School difficulties


Family conflict




Feeling low


Low self-confidence


Risk-taking behaviour


Changes in sleeping or eating patterns






Relationship difficulties


Grief and loss


Distress around life changes/transition

Our Psychologists have helped clients to:


  • Develop more effective ways to handle distress, anxiety or anger
  • Strengthen self-worth, self-esteem and self-compassion
  • Live a more balanced, healthy and stress-free lifestyle
  • Move through depression to a deeper place of meaning
  • Understand and regulate difficult emotions
  • Improve mood
  • Improve confidence
  • Reduce unwanted behaviours
  • Navigate interpersonal situations
  • Build self-understanding and self-compassion
  • And more…

Help and reassurance is at hand

Whatever it is that’s troubling your child or adolescent, our Psychologists make sure their concerns are being heard. We can help them feel better equipped to deal with current problems and the challenges life may throw at them along the way.


In this way, they develop:

  • emotional awareness, understanding, expression and regulation
  • positive self-esteem, self-identity and healthy relationships
  • strategies and activities that help them manage worries
    ability to adapt to developmental changes and cope with life’s challenges
  • confidence to reach their personal goals and accepting the person they truly are

Cognitive assessments

We work alongside parents, teachers and other health professionals to help them better understand your child’s intellectual abilities and how best to help kids who are struggling academically or socially.


Our friendly Psychologists engage with teens and kids in a way they understand and respect. 

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