Services for Children & Adolescents

Children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulties in areas of their intellectual, emotional, and social development can be assisted by undertaking psychological treatment.

Our psychologists are trained to work with younger people specifically. We focus on the treatment of depression, anxiety, bullying, stress, self-esteem, drugs and alcohol, peer pressure, relationships and any other issues impacting on a child's general wellbeing.

If your child or adolescent has any of the following difficulties, counselling with a psychologist may be helpful:

    • Defiance, tantrums, or oppositional behaviour
    • Mood changes, such as crying more, appearing sad, or worrying excessively
    • Anxiety about separating from you, or "clingy" behaviour
      • Refusing to go to school
      • Changes in sleeping or eating patterns
      • Risk-taking behaviour
      • Self-harm
      • Attention & Concentration difficulties
    • Being bullied
    • Difficulty connecting with peers
    • Decline in performance at school
    • Difficulty adjusting to changes, such as parents separating or loss of loved ones

We also do child & adolescent assessments and reports, and provide parent & carer training and support. Additionally, we see children and adolescents with complex trauma, autism spectrum disorder, and sensory processing disorders.

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