Positive support for your mental wellbeing

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts and emotions?

Looking for a safe place to take back control of your mental wellbeing? 

Dr Olga Lavalle & Associates is a private psychology practice, with a focus on providing empathetic and professional services to our clients. At some point in our lives, we all struggle with our mental health. 

Whether living with an ongoing condition, processing new emotions or responding to a major life trauma, it’s common to feel overwhelmed and confused about how to gain back control over your thoughts and feelings. 

We help our clients work towards positive change and improved wellbeing, by empowering them with skills to achieve a better quality of life.


Psychology Clinic

Find out about our clinic, which offers psychology and counselling services in the heart of Wollongong. 

Dr Olga Lavalle

Our practice was founded by Dr Olga Lavalle, and is informed by her warm, empathetic and supportive approach.

Meet our team

Meet our highly qualified and experienced team of Clinical Psychologists and Psychologists. 

Be happy, be bright, be you.