8 Reasons Why Spending Time Alone is Good for You!

by | May 28, 2017 | Self-Care

Dr Olga Lavalle - Self-Care

Have you ever noticed that the busier we are the more interaction we are having with other people? And even if we’re not spending time with others, we are texting, phoning, emailing, or on social media.

Today, we live a fast-paced life, rushing to and from work, helping out our families, taking children to extra-curricular activities, or trying to catch-up with friends. Sometimes we may even wonder ‘when will I get a chance just to sit and breathe?’.

While we all crave some “me time”, on the other hand, there is this belief that we always need to be with others to maintain our happiness or to just not be seen as being antisocial. However, the amount of

time we tend to spend with others exceeds the amount of time required to maintain our mental health.

So it’s time to act, put yourself first, set aside time in your busy schedule, re-acquaint yourself, and enjoy the benefits of time alone.

Here are your eight reasons:

1. Allows you to catch your breath:

Time alone allows you to catch your breath from the busy fast paced lives we lead. Daily stress can cause us to feel overwhelmed with there are lots of things to do. This alone time allows us just to slow down, sit and breath.

Some people have a belief that they must always be doing something otherwise they are lazy. Just remember, you can never be doing anything, because sitting down and breathing is ‘doing something’. It is recharging the batteries to keep going, letting go of any stress, and having a rest.

2. Helps to clear your mind:

The brain stores a lot of information, continually thinks, and jumps from topic to topic. By spending time alone, we allow our mind to declutter, organise our thoughts and store information more logically. When we are constantly on the go, being able to organise our thoughts is difficult as new information continues to flow in from ongoing distractions.

3. Gives you a chance to deal with any problems:

It’s hard to think clearly when we are with others, and try to work out solutions to our problems. Time alone, allows us to gain a better perspective on things, think through any important decisions, and come up with solutions to the problems.

4. Allows us to develop a better perspective of ourselves:

When we spend time alone we can reflect back on our day. We have a chance to look at what type of thoughts run through our minds, and the kind of judgements we make about ourselves. Our thoughts are always running through our minds, yet they can become so automatic that we are not actually aware of the depth of some of our negative self-defeating thoughts. Spending time alone is an opportunity to let our thoughts be just that ‘thoughts’. We can look at them from the outside, label them as ‘just thoughts’ and not get too caught up in them. These thoughts, particularly if they’re negative, will stir up negative emotions and ultimately cause our mood to be dampened.

5. Allows us to reflect:

Allowing yourself time alone, allows you to reflect on your past, think about our current circumstances, and what changes you may want to make in your life.

6. Increases your self-esteem:

Learning to enjoy your time alone will help you to become more comfortable with who you are and get in touch with your sense of independence. You can enjoy remembering all the good things about yourself. Doing this regularly helps increase your confidence and feel more self-sufficient.

7. Increases concentration:

When you have many things you want to accomplish in a short period of time, being away from any distractions allows you to focus on tasks at hand simply. This helps you to be more productive and efficient in a shorter period of time.

8. Allows you to relax and enjoy doing things you enjoy:

When you become comfortable spending time on your own you can do activities that you enjoy, without having to do what others want, and according to their schedule or preferences. It allows you to enjoy the activity, relax, and learn that you do not always need to depend on others for happiness.

So enjoy spending some time alone!

Written by Olga Lavalle

Olga is registered as a Clinical Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. She provides psychological services under Medicare, is an Employee Assistance Program provider and an approved WorkCover NSW provider. Additionally, Olga consults to workplace and community sporting organisations.

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